Birthday party at Terra Spa & Exhibition of Plamen Bonev “The Gibbon”

Plamen Bonev is a famous Bulgarian artist born in 1954 in Sofia. He lives and works in Blagoevgrad, but as he puts it – It doesn’t matter where do you come from and where do you live. He studied “Scenography” at the Academy of Art. He has been working as a scenographer at the Puppet Theater in Blagoevgrad for over 20 years. There, he has been staging plays for children and adults. Plamen Bonev has been teaching in the Summer Art Academy in Luxembourg since 1990.

He has had over 10 independent exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. His works are part of the collections of the National Art Academy, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, as well as of private collections in Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia and Japan.

Plamen Boneж’s paintings are characterized by exceptional colouring with great effect. He says his works are “more realistic, but on the border of abstraction”. His paintings arouse interest in the audience and provoke people with the skillfully used brush.

On 15th October Terra Spa celebrated its 8th birthday and organized an exhibition in which this wonderful artist took part. The guests had the opportunity to purchase his works.

Plamen Bonev’s works will be exhibited until the end of November. You are welcome to see them and purchase anything of your choice!

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