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Cosmetic products at Terra SPA

Terra SPA center uses only high quality products from Ericson Laboratoire, Thalgo, Guinot Institute Paris, Dr Renaud, Terrake, Vitality’s and Movie, also available for purchase.

ERICSON LABORATOIRE is a professional leader in the battle with aging. The best and newest medical advancements and technologies are included in ERICSON products and therapies to achieve the desired result. ERICSON LABORATOIRE’s therapeutic and scientific approach provides a full arsenal for victory over a range of skin concerns. ERICSON LABORATOIRE is unique in its approach of future-focused skin care using hi-tech and naturally frozen sell extracts.

DR RENAUD combines 60 years of skincare experience with the latest scientific and technological research and the most effective active ingredients from nature. Created by the famous French scientist cosmetologist Dr. Renaud, thousands of women from all over the world rely on and trust their products. With their soft and smooth textures, gentle colors and exciting scent these products are a favorite – all that touches the senses and awakens an incredible pleasure.

VITALITY'S is a very dynamic professional Italian hair regimen. VITALITY’S philosophy is to combine three principles in harmony: perfect coloring, effective styling and maximum hair care. These products are a perfect synthesis of science and nature, guaranteeing healthy, beautiful and vital hair.

Movie is unique Italian premier make up brand for a personal glow, elegant style and with the perfect selection of colors to match your complexion and bring out your best look. New seasonal selections arrive twice a year – spring/summer and fall/winter – coordinated with the latest fashion trends.


Specially created from the best cosmetologists, Thalgo regenerating products satisfy individual needs of your skin. Every woman is unique and has specific requirements when it comes to skin regeneration.

As a pioneer of marine cosmetology, Thalgo chooses highly effective active ingredients, gentle to both skin and nature.

Welcome – let’s choose the best Thalgo products for your customized treatment!

GUINOT Institut Paris

Guinot is the first cosmetic brand that created products using 56 bio active ingredients vital to our cells. Leading clinics have proved that these bio active ingredients repair the skin in cases of severe burns.

Guinot research laboratories perfected these modern technologies to rejuvenate the skin with great success.

Guinot products are certified by ISO 22716 and do not use parabens or GMOs.

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