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Sofia, Vitosha
21 "21 Vek" str.
p. 02-4391161, m. 0878-551542
08:00 - 22:00, Tuesday - Sunday

Our Team


Lyudmila Danova

Людмила Данова

I’m a massage therapist for over 19 years now. In all this time I was working and gaining hands-on experience but never stopped searching for ways to improve myself and learn new things.

I was particularly interested in cases I had to deal with problems caused by our lifestyle, job, stress, and tension. More and more people lately suffer from frequent headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, swelling, joint problems and in most cases the reasons are rooted in our everyday life routine and specifically in our lack of time for ourselves, for a complete rest or just a minute in silence and peace.

In the last 10 years, I became more interested in different ways of health issues prevention. This was the reason I focused on so-called alternative methods of effect on health – Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine (EEM), Traditional Thai Yoga massage and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

My idea was to combine them with my experience and knowledge from different massage modalities I practiced over the years to achieve even better results in pain relief, helping in physical condition improvement of my clients and balancing their energies.

As a result, now I combine 12 different modalities in an individual for every recipient treatment and adapting them on a case-by-case basis.


Blagoy Sokolov

Благой Соколов

Boxing coach


Blagoy Sokolov was born in 1968 in Sofia. He started to practice boxing at CSKA club at 12 and later graduated from National Sports Academy. In his career, he won a bronze medal from the World Championship in Bucharest, Romania and a silver one from the European Championship in 1986. He became a professional in 1991 and had over 25 fights.

We offer individual workouts. The classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Pre-enrollment is required.


Alexandrina Tsvetanova

Александрина Цветанова

Guided by the sense of vanity, the feeling of a woman and the genuine beauty of the female presence, I managed to fulfill my childhood dream.

I am a graduate of Professional High School of Hairdressing and Cosmetics "Knyaginya Evdokia".

After my high school education, I had the honor of being a student of Mr. Todor Toshev. His experience and guidance during my entire period of training awoke in me a sincere desire to continue my development in this profession, as well as to study people as a colorful feeling, a zone of comfort, health, beauty, and especially individualism.

Seeking and thirsty for knowledge, I found my true inspiration and space in the group of Mr. Mitko Damov and La Biosthetique Paris. A brand that has the right formula for every type of hair and scalp. A group that is mainly oriented towards people with respect to health, beauty, style, and aesthetics.

In my pursuit of creativity, and as a true connoisseur of beauty I never stopped developing in terms of the vision of individuality.

Finding the right formula for each client is my true inspiration, goal and the most serious challenge!

"The color, the shape of the hair and its structure are a mirror of our inner sense of life"


Denitsa Perić

Деница Перич

I’m happy my hobby became my profession.

To bring the lifestyle palette of cheerful moods and colors on women’s nails is a really exciting experience. And when these colors shine in the eyes of my satisfied clients, believe me, my heart is overflowing with happiness.

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